Courses for Children

Colchester Language Academy offers Spanish lessons for children in a well-structured, educational and friendly environment. The classes are designed to encourage children to participate and develop interest in the world around them while playing, singing and having fun.  


Learning a second language offers a great opportunity to enlarge children’s multi-cultural horizons by getting them immersed into a fantastic world of language and cultural learning. 


• Taught by qualified, Spanish native speakers 


• We follow the natural learning approach of language immersion 


• A priceless opportunity for children to learn a new language, understand different cultures and make new friends 


• Attendance award at the end of the course 


• GCSE and A level exam preparation and support 



Spanish club for Children (Age 6-10)

Learn while playing and having fun!


GCSE Spanish lessons available (ages 11-17) 

A-Level Spanish lessons available (ages 16plus)